Camden Rose Wooden Barn a Classic 2-in-1 Dollhouse

Posted on October 18, 2013

Saddle up the horses and call in the cows!  Palumba is the exclusive seller of a new line of natural wooden farm toys hand-crafted by Camden Rose, the leader in fine wooden toys made in the USA. Hard-working doll families and their animals can eat, play, and sleep happily in the heirloom quality farmhouse barn, the debut piece, modeled after old-fashioned European barns with a second story that functions as a dollhouse.

The natural wood farmhouse barn by Camden Rose for has a second story that functions as a dollhouse.

The new farmhouse barn by Camden Rose is modeled after old-fashioned European barns with a second story that functions as a dollhouse. It comes with a corral, ladder, ramp, and tiny bucket.

The design for the barn features double doors that swing open wide enough to accommodate toy tractors, a response to requests from our most valued customers: children.  Tiny farmhouse families will be able to eat, play and tend their animals with help from several children at once, since the corral attaches on any side for easy multi-sided play.  In addition to its corral, the barn includes:

  • a ladder
  • a ramp
  • a tiny pail

Like all Camden Rose toys, the solid cherry and maple craftsmanship is both beautiful and chemical-free.  It is polished with our Three BEEautiful Bees non-toxic wood polish.

If you’re in Ann Arbor, stop by and say hello!  We’re right off Main Street, near downtown, tucked away behind 221 Felch Street.  Children love exploring the playroom while their parents shop!


“One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit and Crochet” a Great Holiday Needle-Crafters Gift

Posted on June 11, 2013

Knitting books, knitting kits, needle felting kits, and natural and organic toys and art supplies at Palumba.

I love the thought of being able to create something useful from one skein of yarn. So I brought home One Skein by Leigh Radford and decided on a felted bowl. The bulky yarn and large needles made this a fun and very quick knit.

But the best part for me is throwing what looks like a large, floppy hat in the washer with some hot water and soap and bringing out a thick, sturdy bowl 15 minutes later.

Knit and felt this adorable bowl with one skein of yarn, by Palumba, specializing in natural toys and art supplies.This was so easy and fun, I think I will make a few more in different colors.

The book truly has something for everyone and is the perfect book to help you use up your stash.


The Making of Three BEEautiful Bees

Posted on May 30, 2013

I love our All Natural Wood Polish.  I use it on everything – my hands, wooden dishes, antique furniture, and even to condition my vintage leather Coach bags. As a teen, I worked for my father cleaning in a furniture store with polish made by a small family business.  After they went out of business, I looked everywhere for something comparable.  Finally, decades later, we’re having it locally handcrafted for our customers!  Three 3 BEEautiful Bees natural wood polish by Palumba, offering natural, non-toxic toys and home goods.Three BEEautiful BThree 3 BEEautiful Bees natural wood polish with beeswax and organic jojoba oil, by Palumba, specializing in natural, non-toxic toys and home goods.ees Wood Polish is made in three varieties, using natural ingredients to condition and enhance the beauty of our wooden products.  Our Original Wood Polish is made with high-quality food grade mineral oil to condition the wood, and beeswax to prevent dirt, food and water from penetrating into the wood.  Lemon Lavender Wood Polish is the same recipe, but with subtle lemon and lavender essential oils.  My favorite, the All Natural Wood Polish, combines the conditioning qualities of MOFGA certified organic jojoba oil with beeswax to protect the wood. This is what we use on our wooden plates and dishes, as well as our wooden teethers for baies.

Three 3 BEEautiful Bees natural wood polish by Palumba, offering natural, non-toxic toys and home goods.Sourcing certified organic jojoba oil can be a challenge due to increasing demand and crop shortages.  The perils of the modern honey bee makes it increasingly difficult to source quality beeswax.  We purchase beeswax from Midwestern beekeepers, and jojoba oil from certified organic farms.  Our connections to beekeepers and farmers help us understand their concerns.  We truly appreciate their efforts in providing golden aromatic beeswax and nourishing jojoba oil.

The Three BEEautiful Bees product line was formulated by our talented friend, Meena. an intuitive master skilled with herbal and flower essences, Meena’s loving, healing energy goes into every batch of our polish – a secret to successful small batch manufacturing.


— Leslie

Games Children Sing and Play: A Waldorf Parenting Book for Early Childhood

Posted on May 23, 2013

Every now and then a book comes along that makes me wish I’d had that book when my son was young.  This is one of them.

Games Children Sing & Play for Children Ages 3-5 is one of many Steiner books on natural parenting offered at Palumba natural toys and home goods.

Plenty of books have been written for early childhood and kindergarten with stories, music, puppetry, song and circle games but this may the best I’ve come across!  Simple touching games, enchanting hand and finger games, and fun large movement games, Games Children Sing and Play includes them all.

Movement aids learning, sensory development, helps children identify their space in the world and builds relationships with others.  I was thrilled to learn the movement games incorporate Spacial Dynamics, a movement therapy I encountered during my Waldorf Teacher training.  Through movement and activity, Spacial Dynamics enhances the relationship of the human being as we move through space, helping us to experience the space around us as alive and vibrant, as important to our movement as our physical bodies  Simple pentatonic music brings harmony, fun word games bring rhyme and repetition , and movement of hands and body engage.

I hope you enjoy this book as I much as I do.


Mother’s Day Chalkboard Frame

Posted on May 9, 2013

Give Mom the perfect gift this Mother’s Day with a picture frame created from a chalkboard.

Mercurius chalk and a simple wood-framed blackboard are the ingredients for a sweet and practical holiday gift, by Palumba natural, non-toxic toys and art supplies.

Children will find joy in charming grandma with this precious project made from (1) our Chalkboard, (2) our Mercurius Pastel Blackboard Chalk and (3) Palumba’s Three Beautiful Bees Wood Polish, which gives the wood frame a rich, nontoxic luster and keeps it from drying out.

Follow the steps below for a winning gift!

Mercurius chalk and a simple wood-framed blackboard are the ingredients for a sweet and practical Mother's Day gift, from Palumba natural, non-toxic toys and art supplies.

The first thing that you’ll want to do is polish the frame. For more information on wood care see our post about it here.

Then write your message across the top, trace your little one’s hand, cut out your favorite picture and decorate.

I printed a template to help me cut the picture in a circle (a compass would work great also)  and to copy the font for spacing.  Then I taped the picture to the chalkboard, and accented it with its own chalk frame.  I used the oil-based Mercurius chalk for rich, vibrant colors.

The best thing about this gift is that it can be reused to provide a place at grandma’s where older children can entertain themselves drawing or playing school once the novelty of the gift has worn off!



May Day Cone with Tissue Paper Flowers

Posted on May 1, 2013

May Day flower craft inspired by Around the Year, a seasonal story by Elsa Beskow, at Palumba natural, non-toxic toys, art supplies, and Steiner books.

May comes dancing but once a year,

the dancing month,

the sky light and high,

the birch trees bursting.

May is daisy time, and cowslip and primrose and harebell and dancing anemones.

Deep down in the meadow grass,

they’re all dancing with delight,

lily-of-the-valley nodding,

ringing her bells,

the silver trunks lordly and slim,

their branches and silvery twigs

dancing too to the tune of Spring.

~Elsa Beskow, from Around the Year

Wooden Dishes for Kitchen and Playroom — Safe and Beautiful

Posted on April 29, 2013

Non-toxic wooden dishes hand-crafted by Camden Rose are a beautiful alternative to plastics, which are often laden with toxic chemicals.

Add a special warmth to a meal prepared with love and care by serving on a lovely wooden plate by Camden Rose.

Wooden plates are a perfect alternative to plastic, melamine, bamboo and paper. Use them for your children’s lunch, or mix and match with porcelain and china at a family meal. Each wooden plate, bowl, fork, spoon and knife is crafted from a single piece of premium hardwood with unique grain and color characteristics that are hand-sanded to a silky smooth finish.  Palumba’s wooden tableware by Camden Rose is conditioned with our Three BEEautiful Bees All Natural Wood Polish, a hand-made nontoxic finish made with organic jojoba oil.

Perfect for everyday, special occasions, picnics and outdoor dining, wooden tableware adds natural warmth to your table.  It’s also easy to care for.  Please do not soak wooden dishes, bowls and utensils, nor place in a dishwasher.  Simply hand wash with warm water and air dry!  Once a week or so, apply a small amount of Three BEEautiful Bees All Natural Wood Polish to condition and protect the wood.  Once a month, apply jojoba oil to your wooden tableware. Let this soak in overnight, and then polish (if you live in a dry climate, you may need to apply jojoba oil more often).  With proper care, your wooden tableware will  last for generations!

–Kriste and Leslie

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