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Knitting with Children is Magical with a Knitting Tower!

Posted on April 8, 2013

The knitting tower is ready for use right out of the packaging, but a bit of sanding and polishing transforms the little wooden tool into a beautiful knitting armature. To begin knitting, tie a slip knot around one of the pegs.   To make the first stitch, wrap the long end of the yarn around the next peg from the inside out.  Continue wrapping the last two pegs in this manner.  When you have made it back to the peg you started on, wrap the yarn around the peg, as before, but make sure it is above the slip knot stitch.  Take the slip knot stitch and lift it over the other stitch on the peg and continue on to the next peg, repeating…

More Spring Craft Ideas — Origami Bunnies

Posted on March 25, 2013

Origami kite bunnies made with kite paper from Palumba, specializing in natural, non-toxic toys, crafts, books, and home goods.

We made this fun spring craft with Palumba kite paper and some help from YouTube! (see

Our kite paper makes gorgeous origami pieces, like the darling bunnies we made with the help of YouTube!  Find more inspiration in our favorite paper arts books, Crafts Through the Year (featuring beautiful paper window stars and dozens of fun projects for the whole year round) and Origami Card Craft (featuring 30 clever cards and envelopes to fold).  These make wonderful gifts too!

Spring Craft Feature — Sew a Felt Easter Basket!

Posted on March 18, 2013

Leslie created this amazing project to delight you and your children!  Use our natural wool felt to make your own, and find more inspiring seasonal crafts, stories, and recipes in The Children’s Year:  Seasonal Crafts and Clothes.    Felt Pieces Needed: one basket side – 17″x 4 1/4″ one basket handle – 19″x 1″ one basket base- 5 1/2″ diameter circle three colored stripes- 17″x 1″ For the sewing portion of this project, we recommend you use a top-stitch sewing needle and thread in your machine.  If hand sewing, a pearl cotton embroidery floss will work well. 1. Cut pieces for basket.  We used a zig-zag blade on the rotary cutter to add a fun touch. 2. Cut holes in the basket side with…

A Homemade Alternative to Plastic — Make Easter Grass from Kite Paper

Posted on March 11, 2013

Ah, springtime!  The arrival of spring brings new colors, new sounds, and new life sprouting up all around.  For many, spring is heralded by Easter and the anticipation of cherished traditions and celebrations.  This year we added another fun and easy craft to the Easter time line-up.  Grass made from kite paper is a beautiful alternative to the standard green plastic filler, and is also fun in gift boxes. -Grace

Preserving and Protecting Wooden Bowls, Toys, and Playroom Furniture

Posted on March 4, 2013

When one of our Camden Rose wooden pieces arrives at your home, we recommend treating it with Three BEEautiful Bees Wood Polish made with locally sourced beeswax and organic jojoba oil or high quality mineral oil.  If beeswax is a concern, use pure jojoba oil, which will not go rancid.  To treat wooden surfaces, place a small amount of polish on a lint-free cloth rag and rub into the wood using a circular motion. Continue rubbing in small amounts until the surface is coated, but not gummy. Let the wooden item sit overnight to absorb the oil or polish.  In the morning, use a soft cloth to remove the excess and buff the surface.  Recondition your wooden items as often as needed.  Conditioning with Jojoba…

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