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Wooden Playstands, Doll Houses, Cars, and Dishes — Fine Natural Toys Made in the USA

Posted on April 22, 2013

Distinctive rounded edges and corners characterize the wooden products for home and playroom crafted by Camden Rose, Palumba’s parent company.  Other woodworkers construct wooden products with straight lines and edges;, but we remove the sharp corners and edges with a radial curve.  This involves extra finishing work and a lot more sanding — but the overall effect is worth the effort.  The gentle edge and corner curves create a softer look and feel – a key element in the Camden Rose style. Camden Rose has long-standing, collaborative relationships with the woodworkers and crafts people who make our products.  We work with one family in the heart of Amish country because they embrace our unique woodworking style and understand our nontoxic glue, finishing and quality requirements.  Each family…


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