There are many hands around the world that help us achieve our goal of placing inspirational and sustainable toys in the hands of children, and help our company run.



Distinctive rounded edges and corners characterize Camden Rose wooden products.  Our trademark rounded corner and edge finish requires additional work that often takes our woodworkers by surprise.  Many woodworkers construct wooden products with straight lines and edges; we have our woodworkers remove the (sharp) corners and edges with a radial curve they may otherwise not use.  This process involves extra finishing work and a lot more sanding- but the overall effect is worth the effort.  The gentle edge and corner curves create a softer look and feel to hard wood – a key element of the Camden Rose style.   (Shown above: cherry toddler cars, cherry playstand playroom, cherry rattle)woodwork

Camden Rose has long-standing, collaborative relationships with the woodworkers and crafts people who make our products.  We are fortunate to work with one family for over 7 years. They live and work together as a family in the heart of Amish country. They embrace our woodworking style and understand our particular glue, finishing and quality requirements.  Each family member, along with their community network of specialty woodworkers, plays a special role in completing the projects.

Two groups of woodworkers make components for our products.  One group specializes in making wood panels: this process allows us to add details we love – like combining a strip of walnut wood alongside cherry or maple wood, another element of our signature Camden Rose style.  Another group of woodworkers makes all of our wood components that require a CNC machine.  When complete, the wood panels and components are returned to the woodworkers who construct our products.  Once cut, routed, sanded, glued and assembled, each item is given a final sanding.  Most Camden Rose products are then finished with our Three BEEautiful Bees Original Polish, which is made with food grade mineral oil and local beeswax.   ( Shown above:raw wood ready for processing, lots of maple wheels for our Toddler Zoom and other wooden vehicles.) buildingsticks

Other woodworkers produce our cherry rattles and maple teethers, which are finished in-house with jojoba oil.  Wooden plates and bowls, each turned from a single piece of hardwood, are also finished in-house with our Three BEEautiful Bees All Natural Polish, made with organic jojoba oil and local beeswax.  (Shown above: cherry building sticks prior to finishing.)

Manufacturing large numbers of specially designed toys from local and organic hardwoods is a long, involved process, but the products we see at the finishing point are well worth the effort.  We are thankful to work with such a large number of skilled and talented American woodworkers, all of whom use locally sourced hardwoods in their craft.