Pirate dress-ups, play silks, and toys for creative play at Palumba.com, a division of Camden Rose.

Here’s a photo of my youngest at Lake Michigan last Halloween. Find swords, hooks, play silks and more for your pirate (or princess) on our website!

How did it get to be the last week of October?  If you still have a child pondering Halloween costumes, may I suggest a pirate sword and hook from our Palumba collection?  Just add a play-silk cape and a silk bandana, pick up a patch, and your pirate is ready to go!

Once the excitement is over and the dark days and subzero weather hit, our family likes to snuggle up inside and r-e-a-d. Need fall and winter book ideas for your baby, toddler, or school-age child? I’ve picked three of my favorites to share — read on!

Waldorf Books for Babies

Gerda Muller board book "Winter" from the popular seasonal series, at Palumba.com, specializing in natural and non-toxic toys, Waldorf dolls and books, and natural home goods.

Winter, a sweet board book by Gerda Muller, features illustrations about shoveling snow, feeding the birds, building snow-people, sledding, and more.  The popular Waldorf series with no words – the pictures tell the stories and mom or dad narrate – includes a book for each season.

A Favorite for Early Elementary Grades

Woody, Hazel and Little Pip is a delightful autumn story by Elsa Beskow about two acorn children who get blown away by the wind.

Woody, Hazel, and Little Pip is a seasonal favorite at Palumba, specializing in natural, non-toxic toys, dolls, and homegoods.

One of our favorite winter tales for this age group is The Tomten and the Fox, in which the fox sneaks toward the farm hoping to steal a chicken, but is surprised by the old Tomten who stands guard.

Waldorf Books for Elementary Age

Even though it doesn’t have a seasonal focus, I have to share the book I’m reading with my seven year-old son.  We’re completely enchanted by The Wind Boy, in which a family in a small village finds magic when their housekeeper, a mysterious girl from the mountains, introduces them to the fairies.  What a vivid and wondrous dream this book gave me last week – I felt like I had made contact with the elementals!

The Wind Boy, a delightful story about the fairy realm, is one of our favorite children's books at Palumba, a Division of Camden Rose.

Be sure to browse our books, natural wool slippers, organic woolens, beeswax candles, and other cozy items as the winds start blowing in your town!