Saddle up the horses and call in the cows!  Palumba is the exclusive seller of a new line of natural wooden farm toys hand-crafted by Camden Rose, the leader in fine wooden toys made in the USA. Hard-working doll families and their animals can eat, play, and sleep happily in the heirloom quality farmhouse barn, the debut piece, modeled after old-fashioned European barns with a second story that functions as a dollhouse.

The natural wood farmhouse barn by Camden Rose for has a second story that functions as a dollhouse.

The new farmhouse barn by Camden Rose is modeled after old-fashioned European barns with a second story that functions as a dollhouse. It comes with a corral, ladder, ramp, and tiny bucket.

The design for the barn features double doors that swing open wide enough to accommodate toy tractors, a response to requests from our most valued customers: children.  Tiny farmhouse families will be able to eat, play and tend their animals with help from several children at once, since the corral attaches on any side for easy multi-sided play.  In addition to its corral, the barn includes:

  • a ladder
  • a ramp
  • a tiny pail

Like all Camden Rose toys, the solid cherry and maple craftsmanship is both beautiful and chemical-free.  It is polished with our Three BEEautiful Bees non-toxic wood polish.

If you’re in Ann Arbor, stop by and say hello!  We’re right off Main Street, near downtown, tucked away behind 221 Felch Street.  Children love exploring the playroom while their parents shop!