Every now and then a book comes along that makes me wish I’d had that book when my son was young.  This is one of them.

Games Children Sing & Play for Children Ages 3-5 is one of many Steiner books on natural parenting offered at Palumba natural toys and home goods.

Plenty of books have been written for early childhood and kindergarten with stories, music, puppetry, song and circle games but this may the best I’ve come across!  Simple touching games, enchanting hand and finger games, and fun large movement games, Games Children Sing and Play includes them all.

Movement aids learning, sensory development, helps children identify their space in the world and builds relationships with others.  I was thrilled to learn the movement games incorporate Spacial Dynamics, a movement therapy I encountered during my Waldorf Teacher training.  Through movement and activity, Spacial Dynamics enhances the relationship of the human being as we move through space, helping us to experience the space around us as alive and vibrant, as important to our movement as our physical bodies  Simple pentatonic music brings harmony, fun word games bring rhyme and repetition , and movement of hands and body engage.

I hope you enjoy this book as I much as I do.