Non-toxic wooden dishes hand-crafted by Camden Rose are a beautiful alternative to plastics, which are often laden with toxic chemicals.

Add a special warmth to a meal prepared with love and care by serving on a lovely wooden plate by Camden Rose.

Wooden plates are a perfect alternative to plastic, melamine, bamboo and paper. Use them for your children’s lunch, or mix and match with porcelain and china at a family meal. Each wooden plate, bowl, fork, spoon and knife is crafted from a single piece of premium hardwood with unique grain and color characteristics that are hand-sanded to a silky smooth finish.  Palumba’s wooden tableware by Camden Rose is conditioned with our Three BEEautiful Bees All Natural Wood Polish, a hand-made nontoxic finish made with organic jojoba oil.

Perfect for everyday, special occasions, picnics and outdoor dining, wooden tableware adds natural warmth to your table.  It’s also easy to care for.  Please do not soak wooden dishes, bowls and utensils, nor place in a dishwasher.  Simply hand wash with warm water and air dry!  Once a week or so, apply a small amount of Three BEEautiful Bees All Natural Wood Polish to condition and protect the wood.  Once a month, apply jojoba oil to your wooden tableware. Let this soak in overnight, and then polish (if you live in a dry climate, you may need to apply jojoba oil more often).  With proper care, your wooden tableware will  last for generations!

–Kriste and Leslie