The Flowers' Festival, by Elsa Beskow inspired our spring craft project, made with wool felt and wooden peg dolls from Palumba natural toys and non-toxic arts and craft supplies.

It’s fun to experiment with doll-making! You can make characters from Elsa Beskow’s The Flowers’ Festival using our wooden peg dolls and wool felt. Just cut to create clothing for your favorite characters, embellish with a few stitches, and glue in place!

One of the most fun ways to experience a book is to bring your favorite characters to life.  With polished wooden peg dolls and wool felt, the dolls inspired by a favorite book can be as simple and easy, or as ornate and complex, as one wants.  Just pick your favorite books and characters, get your hands on Palumba’s wooden peg dolls, wool felt and thread (hot glue guns are quite handy too!) and craft away!

-Grace & Kriste