A Knitting Tower makes children's knitting magical and fun!  From Palumba, specializing in non-toxic toys, arts, and crafts.The knitting tower is ready for use right out of the packaging, but a bit of sanding and polishing transforms the little wooden tool into a beautiful knitting armature.

To begin knitting, tie a slip knot around one of the pegs.   To make the first stitch, wrap the long end of the yarn around the next peg from the inside out.  Continue wrapping the last two pegs in this manner.  When you have made it back to the peg you started on, wrap the yarn around the peg, as before, but make sure it is above the slip knot stitch.  Take the slip knot stitch and lift it over the other stitch on the peg and continue on to the next peg, repeating this step again and again until the tube is as long as you want it.

There are several different ways to knit using the knitting tower– experiment with new combinations of loops and stitches to find unique patterns!