It’s an exciting time in Michigan when the first beacons of spring emerge!  Arriving early is risky business, with the ever-present threat of a late snow, but that doesn’t deter our most resilient species from sending up their beautiful blooms.  Enjoy searching for signs of spring on a nature walk with the children, and consider introducing them to The Story of the Root Children where they’ll discover the secret identities of the flowers!

The Story of the Root Children, a charming tale of spring at Palumba, specializing in natural toys and home goods, Steiner books, and non-toxic arts and crafts.

“Under the ground, deep in the earth among the roots of the trees, the little root-children were fast asleep all winter long…They were dreaming of the sunshine in which they had played all through the summer. And what wonderful dreams they were!” Thus begins the story, available as a board book or in  regular hardcover.