Leslie created this amazing project to delight you and your children!  Use our natural wool felt to make your own, and find more inspiring seasonal crafts, stories, and recipes in The Children’s Year:  Seasonal Crafts and Clothes. 

Sew a Felt Easter Basket - fun spring crafts by Palumba, specializing in natural, non-toxic toys, crafts, home goods, and Steiner books.

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Felt Pieces Needed:

one basket side – 17″x 4 1/4″

one basket handle – 19″x 1″

one basket base- 5 1/2″ diameter circle

three colored stripes- 17″x 1″

For the sewing portion of this project, we recommend you use a top-stitch sewing needle and thread in your machine.  If hand sewing, a pearl cotton embroidery floss will work well.

1. Cut pieces for basket.  We used a zig-zag blade on the rotary cutter to add a fun touch.

2. Cut holes in the basket side with an exacto knife or button-hole punch to weave the colored strips into. Draw three horizontal lines spaced 1″ apart on the basket side starting 1/2″ from the top.  In the first and third 1″ line sections, draw a vertical line spaced 1″ apart across the entire width of the felt.  In the middle section, draw horizontal lines at 3/4″ then 1-1/4″, repeating  across the length of the piece to offset the weaving.

3. Weave stripes into basket side.

4. Sew two ends of basket together, right-side out, and trim excess.  Sew on the handle.  Place one end of the handle over the basket side seam and the other end of the handle directly across.  Pin the basket side to the base and stitch together.

5.  Fill your felt basket with shredded colored paper, wool rovings and treats!