When one of our Camden Rose wooden pieces arrives at your home, we recommend treating it with Three BEEautiful Bees Wood Polish made with locally sourced beeswax and organic jojoba oil or high quality mineral oil.  If beeswax is a concern, use pure jojoba oil, which will not go rancid.  To treat wooden surfaces, place a small amount of polish on a lint-free cloth rag and rub into the wood using a circular motion. Continue rubbing in small amounts until the surface is coated, but not gummy. Let the wooden item sit overnight to absorb the oil or polish.  In the morning, use a soft cloth to remove the excess and buff the surface.  Recondition your wooden items as often as needed.

cherry wood bowl, before and after treatment with original beeswax polish

Cherry wood bowl, before and after treatment with our Three BEEautiful Bees natural wood polish. The beauty and longevity of our wooden bowls and plates, utensils, toys and baby items is improved with regular treatment.

 Conditioning with Jojoba Oil

In drier climates we also recommend conditioning the wood with our jojoba oil prior to treating with Wood Polish. To condition with jojoba, pour a small amount of oil onto the surface and rub in with a lint-free cloth rag. Continue rubbing in small amounts until the surface is coated, then proceed to polish treatment.  If you live in a dry climate, it is very important to condition your wooden kitchenware weekly.

Cleaning Wooden Dishes & Toys

To clean wooden kitchen items and toys, hand wash the item in warm water with a mild soap and air dry. Please do not soak nor put your wooden dishes and utensils in the dishwasher.  For greatest longevity, we recommend conditioning the wood once a week.